Our History

Gallo is a historic Neapolitan family of the eighteenth century, known throughout the city for their passion for coffee.

Passion is the fundamental element which distinguishes this family, so they decide to open a small family-run roasting. This passion, over the years, has been handed down from generation to generation, and Gallo Caffè becomes a product known throughout the city for its quality and exclusivity, that sometimes it was almost untraceable because, despite the success, the Gallo family decided to have always a small-distribution products, as it preferred to cuddle and care for their customers with unique and unmistakable blends.

In 1939, the first-born of the 19th century, Pasquale Gallo decided to transform his small emporium into a real Factory, but the concept doesn’t change! Quality coffee for a niche clientele, who doesn’t just want coffee, but wants perfect Coffee! Today Gallo Caffè is determined to expand its coffee culture on the 5 continents,so that all can taste his products, handed down over these two centuries!

GalloCaffè is ready to cross your destiny.

Our Mission

It is a precious wealth containing creativity drops of inestimable values, discovered and handed down from generation to generation through the passion and dedication of a historic Neapolitan family of the eighteenth century.

In Neapolitan culture, coffee is something sacred, it’s not a simple drink. It’s art, tradition.

Because making coffee is an easy and ordinary thing, but make an excellent coffee is pure magic. The target of our brand is to astonish the customer to make him, not just a spectator, but protagonist of this great show !

From the first sip, taste buds starts jumping, the aroma is inebriating and the flavor is unforgettable… We do not follow the rules of the classic commercial cafes, aiming to a total uniqueness!

Gallo Caffè is not for everyone: it’s for a niche of people careful of every single detail. Drink our coffee means living and telling a real life experience.

Our brand was made by experts, for coffee experts: and, as soon as you buy our product, you will understand from our packaging that we are different from everything you have seen so far.

Our products are kept in tin cans .. are you wondering why the tin can? As a first reason the aluminium is completely recyclable – because the environment is very important for our company’s policy – and because, the tin, can stimulate your creativity. In how many ways can you reuse a tin can?

“Now… Sit comfortably…

Alone or with you want…

Close your eyes and keep ready…

The show of GalloCaffè is starting.”